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Hostess Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Each year, as September draws to a close and fall kicks into high gear, I start thinking about holiday gifts for all the important people in my life. From clients and team members to friends and family, finding the perfect gift is always a fun – and festive – challenge! Whether it’s a hostess, a coworker or anyone else on my list, my goal is a holiday gift to make the recipient feel seen, special and appreciated.

Finding the right gift can be extra challenging depending on how well you know (or don’t know!) your recipient. But even the smallest bit of information – an interest, their job or even their hometown - can help you find a spectacular gift for every person on your list. There’s no need to show up with another redundant, basic gift this holiday season. This list will help you personalize your gifts and wow every hostess, co-worker and client on your shopping list this year!

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From busy professionals to overextended moms, self care gifts are a surefire hit for anyone who struggles to find time for themselves. If your client has a demanding or stressful job, consider a productivity planner to optimize their limited time. Moms, nurses and other caregivers are always pouring their time and energy into others. Look for a gift that encourages relaxation, like a luxurious scented candle, a calming face mask, or even a massage gun for a convenient, at-home indulgence.

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A popular choice for foodies, fashionistas and eager entertainers, home gifts are a warm and personal way to acknowledge a professional relationship or show love to your closest friends.

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Home chefs will appreciate kitchen items like a charcuterie board or quality food items like artisanal spices, cheeses, or coffee. A chic and delicate jewelry tray makes a perfect gift for a style enthusiast, while avid or budding gardeners will love a planting kit or live terrarium.

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Coasters, serving trays, and other useful home décor make great gifts for newlyweds, new homeowners, or anyone else who has recently moved or is nesting in a new space.

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For the superheroes in your life who go above and beyond, choose a personalized gift to make them feel seen and extra-special. Caregivers, teachers, mail carriers, maintenance workers and other service industry professionals will feel valued and appreciated with a personalized gift that goes the extra mile.

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Think personalized pens for that one-of-a-kind teacher or a monogrammed mug for the coworker who always has your back. Personalized luggage tags are a fun and useful gift for the travel enthusiast in your life, while personalized Christmas ornaments are a sentimental and thoughtful offering for new parents, newlyweds, or anyone else entering a new chapter in their life.

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Holiday gifting shouldn’t be a stressful or burdensome experience. When you start with what you know about your recipient and let their interests and lifestyle guide your gift selection, you’ll find joy in the gifting process. Most importantly, you’ll leave your giftees feeling valued, appreciated and special. So make that list and check it twice – and get ready to dazzle all the special people on your list this year!

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