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Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Updated: Nov 2

To highlight the natural element of Christmas, bring the outside in with wrapping accessories like pinecones, garland, mistletoe and Christmas tree branches. These natural elements are easily paired with craft paper or printed metallic paper for an effortlessly organic look. Mix natural, life-giving greens with cozy, grounding browns to play up that festive holiday vibe. For a vibrant pop of color, adorn your package with bright red holly berry accents. While holly berries make for a stunning gift wrap accessory, they can also be dangerous for children and pets. These eye-catching berries are best for use in an adult-only setting.

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Brown Craft Paper

Artificial Pine and Holly

Snowy Pine Picks

What better way to make your giftee feel special than with gift wrap that’s tailored to their personality, interests or tastes? This is a great idea as client gifts, best friend or even your child’s favorite teacher at school. Get creative with interesting and thoughtful gift wrap details. Choose their favorite color, add personalized hand-drawn art, or even hand-write a favorite quote onto the gift wrap. For the artist in your life, incorporate quality paintbrushes for an accent that’s both beautiful and functional. An avid reader will love a bookmark that doubles as a gift tag, while fashionistas will appreciate a festive hair clip disguised as a pretty gift wrap bow.

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Chalkboard Paper

Colorful Chalk

Red Bibbon

Green Kraft paper


Brown Craft Paper

Gold Letters

From the front door to your interior décor, Christmas wreaths are a versatile accent with a myriad of festive uses. So why not incorporate a wreath into your holiday giftwrap? Tap into your creative energy and craft miniature wreaths in lieu of traditional gift wrap bows. Choose green eucalyptus to compliment a clean and natural look or combine twigs and dried foliage for a warm and cozy vibe. The possibilities are endless, so have fun experimenting with color and texture. Best of all, these charming wreaths can be hung on the fridge, on a bulletin board, over a fireplace mantle, or even on the Christmas tree – so your giftee can enjoy their wreath throughout the holiday season!

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Mini Grapevine Wreath

Mini Berry Wreath

Eucalyptus Wreath

For a gift wrap look that’s full of understated elegance, opt for shimmery, metallic accents. I love mixing metallic accessories with natural elements to achieve a balanced, rustic glam aesthetic. Combine wood, bark, branches, or mixed winter greenery with metallic paper or high sheen ribbon. Choose warm tones like gold, bronze and rose gold for a cozy, inviting vibe, or opt for silver for a frosty, wintery feel. The result is an elevated and sophisticated vibe that feels equal parts festive, cozy and luxurious.

Shop the look:

Metallic Satin Ribbon

Stick on Wax Seals

Matte Metal Colored Paper

Gold Bells

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Classic Christmas Wrapping Set

Dark Red Paper

Green and Black Reversible Paper

Wine Ribbon

Hunter Green Ribbon

Black Ribbon

Newspaper Wrapping Sheets

For a softer take on the traditional Christmas reds and greens, opt for whimsical and fun pastels. Lighter hues are an elegant choice that evoke all the peace and joy of the holiday season. Combine muted rose and sage for a classic yet calming spin on the traditional holiday color palette, or opt for a pretty pastel rainbow for a playful, candy-inspired look.

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Abstract Wrapping Paper Sheets

Gray Wrapping Paper

Blush Ribbon

Blue Ribbon

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