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Welcome to my world of creative discovery & exploration. I’m Tonisha Ramona a creative stylist, interior designer, student of art culture & human behavior. Born & raised in the NY, Tri-State my love for creative expression has expanded into developing spaces, and curating them into personalities & characters.


I’ve studied spaces, design & art in tandem through out my world travels and experiences in various cultures. Understanding the variety of lifestyles & fashions through out my travels in different parts of the world {South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa} is the foundation on which the creative design process is birthed.

Tonisha Ramona


The design studio is a small, boutique company with an international creative team which is reflected in our design concepts providing clients creative & progressing design solutions for their spaces.

Interior Design Objects

the STORY 

The foundation of a space starts with a story. Developing the experience & feel of your space through its purpose for your life or business. This is where we explore how you’d like your space to feel & the experience you’d like to have in your new space.



Through space planning, selection of furniture & accessories we focus on ensuring your space functions for its purpose. Exploring your plans for the future of your space allows you to grow within the space and maximize its experience.


the VIBE

Through finishes, accessories & creative detailing we then layer your conceptual design into an identity. Ensuring your space is a reflection of you or your brands personality, & character solidifies the story created through the design & style.

Interior Design
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