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Design Trends for 2022!

As you have settled in to 2022, we wanted to share with you the breakdown of selected trends which will last longer than a moment. Accents, colors + shapes to add interest and reinvent your space.

Here are some ideas for how to make your bedroom your romantic destination not only for Valentine's Day - but for every other evening. Read more.

Black is a very powerful color but also strong, mysterious and sexy creating a strong foundation of color in the space. Using a standalone black piece, be it in furniture or in hardware, demands your attention as this gender neutral color is sharp and catches the eye.

Wheat or oat colored floors makes the grain of the floor very visible and brings out the character. These natural floors can enhance a myriad of spaces from industrial to a traditional, colonial home, uplifting the vibe of the space.

With spaces usually having 90 degree angles, having curved furniture like round coffee tables have always been centerpieces of the space as they break the monotony of right angles. Curved sofas bring in movement, unpredictability and interest to the space as they soften the eye and give it a break.

We at Tonisha Ramona believe that it's not about the size, but what you do with it. Taking overlooked or unused space and giving them a new purpose by giving them a bit of attention can add innovation to the space!

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