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Valentine’s Day is coming up and you might be starting to plan your romantic night in. Celebrating Valentine’s Day while quarantining will look different from before, but that doesn't mean it can’t also be romantic. Instead of going out, here are some ideas for how to make your bedroom your romantic destination for the evening - and for the rest of the year.

Four Post Bed

A four post bed is classic and romantic. The posts are structural and draw the eye up, making the bed seem more like a den or nest. It’s cozy and intimate while also giving off an old world feel. This traditional piece of furniture is a great place for dinner in bed or cozy late night chats. You can tie the whole room around your dynamic bed.

The Color Black

Black may not seem like a romantic color, but it’s strong and bold, sexy and alluring. Black provides contrast with other colors - like pink, red, blush, or white - while also anchoring the space. It’s mysterious and masculine, while also being feminine. Adding black is like turning off the lights. Use the color black on pillows, candles, or an accent wall. It helps to set the tone for a night of intimacy.

Natural Elements

Use natural elements in the accessories around your room. Elements of nature are very romantic. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, make that a focal point. Even if you have a gas fireplace, use wood elements in your furniture and artwork to bring the outdoors in. Use crystals in your light fixtures for a calm and relaxing vibe. Buy bedside tables or dressers made of metal to complement and contrast from the wood in your four post bed or hardwood floor. Indoor plants will then complete the natural look. Natural elements can help you experience a level of romance through the room.

An Element of Drama

Your room should also have an element of drama. This can be an accent wall, piece of art, headboard, or light fixture that represents who you are. Use a statement headboard to show your romantic side. Paint an accent wall a striking color to reveal your inner sexiness. Buy a piece of artwork that speaks to you on a spiritual level or tells a particular story. Whatever feels right for you. Sharing parts of who you are in your space is intimate and sexy, helping to create the right mood for your romantic night.

Casual Bedding

Make your bed even more inviting with casual, effortless, yet comfortable bedding. For your main element don’t use anything fussy or intimidating like silk or satin. Flannel, cotton, and linen sheets are inviting yet eye catching on the bed. Mix in silks and satins on pillow cases or extra throws for a hint of luxury while still making comfort the overall theme.

A Love Area

This year, make your Valentine’s Day gift setting up your love area in the bedroom. This is a place where you display your love in photos, cards, gifts, or decoration. This could be an end table with romantic photos, or the wall above a nightstand with a board to collect memories - ticket stubs, pictures, cards, etc. This should be a commemorative space for you and your loved one. Get as creative as you want with it and make it your own. Think of it as the place to remember your love during the good times and bad.

No matter how you are celebrating, take some time to share your love with your partner this Valentine’s Day. A romantic bedroom is the perfect place to kindle romance, remember your dreams, and make plans for the future. For one day, or maybe more, make your bedroom an oasis away from the stressors of pandemic life.

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