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Bathroom Revamp

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of one of our full bathroom renovations. The client knew the bathroom wasn’t working for her. She needed more space to navigate through the bathroom while pregnant and then with a new baby. There was no functionality to the space and we needed to restructure the layout of the entire bathroom.

The space between the sink and closet was too narrow and the whole room was tight and cramped. My team and I were able to add new hardware and update the space with fresh colors and tile to open up the space. We also rearranged the layout to allow for more flow in the room.

By swapping the tub and the toilet, we were able to open up the center of the room. The client is now able to walk into the bathroom and head straight to the tub without having to squeeze past the sink.

We chose nautical colors to add a calming effect to the room. Blues, whites, and natural tones like beige and taupe, remind us of the beach and the sea, which can be very calming in a bathroom. For the floor we purchased a star tile to add to the nautical aesthetic and add an element of sophistication to the space. It’s a lovely surprise element.

We chose sleek, streamlined light fixtures that wouldn’t take up too much real estate on the wall. The light fixtures flank around a mirror that contrasts with the linear lines of the vanity. Whenever you have the opportunity for a round moment, it can help add dimension and character to a space. This can be done through mirrors, rugs, coffee tables, and more. The brown wood of the vanity adds warmth to the space.

In the shower we added a honeycomb tile that is textured and easy to maintain and clean as it has a minimum grout line. Using a different tile for the shower provides a different feel when you pull back the curtain from the rest of the bathroom.

Matte black hardware was used for contrast and is low maintenance to clean regarding cleaning and care while also becoming a statement piece in this small bathroom.

Above the toilet we added storage shelves which we styled with asparagus ferns and cast iron plants. These plants can thrive indoors and also withstand humidity and low sunlight.

When it all came together, the bathroom looked like it belonged in a boutique hotel. We were able to maximize the space to optimize its functionality and used colors and a variety of textures that breathed into the space to make it feel more open and airy yet cozy.

If you are looking to design a space in your home or commercial property, head to our design services page to find a package that is just right for you.

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