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The Psychology Of Color

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

After a long and chaotic day, returning home should feel like returning to yourself – to the one place where you’re free to be the truest, most authentic version of who you are. When the design of your home accurately reflects your style, your taste and sensibility, home becomes synonymous with happiness, wholeness and inner peace. Achieving the unique aesthetic that fits your needs and compliments your personality involves everything from layout to furniture to home accessories. But perhaps no design element is as fundamental to the feel of your home as the colors you choose to fill it with.

Unsurprisingly, color has been proven to have significant effects on how we behave, the energy we emanate and the way we feel within our everyday lives. When you design with color in mind, you will create a home design that leaves you feeling restored, renewed and energized.

Associated with love, passion and power, red is known to encourage action and enhance the human metabolism. Shades like crimson and scarlet are a bold and dramatic choice, while warmer shades of ruby and apple create a cozy sense of comfort. Best in gathering spaces like kitchens and living rooms, reds across the spectrum will fill your home with energy and social connection.

Reminiscent of a warm and sunny day, yellow invokes an undeniable sense of playfulness and whimsy. Bright shades of lemon or bumblebee will spark curiosity and alertness, while electrifying canary or blonde inspire thoughtfulness and creativity. The perfect choice for a playroom or home office, yellow is eye-catching, energizing and outright fun. Pair with gray or black for contrast or with warm shades like orange or red for a warm and cozy vibe. For yellow walls, opt for a muted mustard, butterscotch or banana. For brighter shades of yellow, add accents and accessories in this splashy, effervescent color.

A mix of red and yellow, attention-grabbing orange is the perfect combination of energy and happiness. From refreshing citrus shades like tangerine and cantaloupe to calming, cozy squash tones, there’s an orange for every season and every mood. For optimal comfort and intimacy, use orange to highlight the warmth and beauty in the spaces you share with others.

When you use shades of green in your home, you invite the peace and serenity of the outdoors in. Natural and life-giving, earthy greens like olive and sage promote balance, fertility and growth, whereas deep, bejeweled shades like emerald and jade infuse common areas and dining rooms with elegance and striking intensity. Try softer green tones for bedrooms and offices - calming shades like mint and celadon are perfect for creating a relaxing and restorative personal sanctuary.

Evocative of the skies and seas, blue tones add a sense of serenity and calm to any space. Vivid hues like cobalt and turquoise conjure images of healing tropical waters, while softer shades like powder blue or cornflower will imbue your bedroom with a quiet, peaceful energy. For an office or home library, opt for a stronger, darker shade like navy or peacock, which invokes a sense of power, trust and knowledge. To balance the masculine effect, pair these deep shades with feminine touches in blush, gold or eggplant, or incorporate inviting textures like faux fur or soft knits.

Feminine and soft, pink tones will add a touch of whimsy and romance to any space. Pair shades like blush or mauve with deep blues like navy or peacock to balance a harder, masculine feel. To play up a retro vibe, experiment with peppy, fun-loving hues like bubblegum or flamingo. Try a salmon or rose to help soften hard industrial spaces like a laundry room or basement. Or to make a statement, choose accents and accessories in a punchy hot pink or a rich, jewel-like magenta.

Widely known as the color of royalty, purple is known for its luxurious and opulent feel. Deep, rich shades like eggplant and plum convey a sense of power and mystery, while vibrant shades of violet and amethyst impart spontaneity and passion. Lighter hues like lilac, lavender and periwinkle offer a calming, peaceful effect and are popular, less predictable options for serene spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms and spas.

Far from gloomy or macabre, black is an elegant and refined color with a distinctly expensive feel. Associated with power and wealth, this classic shade is an excellent choice for a statement piece or a formal dining room or living room. In a private space like a bedroom, a jet-black accent wall makes for a decidedly sexy feel.

Reminiscent of a blank canvas, whites will help your space feel fresh, modern and clean. A pearl or porcelain shade can create a sense of space and expand the room. All-white interiors may have a reputation for feeling stark or sterile, but incorporating indoor plants, natural fibers and inviting textures will create interest and add life to your space. For maximum contrast, pair white with black or brown accents.

Associated with strength and stability, it’s easy to see why brown is so commonly used in home design. After all, our homes are nothing if not a place to feel comfortable and safe! Often found in natural fibers like wood, brown shades are warm, inviting and grounding. Try caramel-colored leathers, wood accents or shades of walnut and pecan for an especially inviting study or living room.

Understanding the ways that color affects our moods and emotions is the first step in understanding your personal interior design goals. To learn more about our Color Specifications Package please visit our Service Page. Or for a free 30 minute color consult please visit our Bookings Page here.

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