The Full Story


Our design studio is a small, boutique company with an international creative team which is reflected in our design concepts providing clients a unique, tailor-made experience. And if you are hiring a design professional for the first time, fret not! We work with your space, budget, timelines and goals!

Our team of stylists are committed to exposing the clients to their own creative process and journey while supporting them on this rollercoaster of a journey. 

Each space the Tonisha Ramona team touches, reflects the different facets and perspectives of the creative team providing any space a unique feel as per its functionality, be it a corporate space, a home or a dance studio!

We maximize space, be it on the floors or on the walls!

Our spaces reflect who we are and if you are looking to reinvent yourself through your space, look no further! 


We, at Tonisha Ramona, are committed to impacting the lifestyle and behaviour of clients by designing their art of living thrrough functyional and creative spaces. We realize the client's dream experience of the space, be it exciting or tranquil, thought provoking or warm. We bring it all to life! 


 To educate and inform clients as they go on a journey of enhancing their lives by reinventing their spaces.