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Identify the undertones of your wood pieces and determine if they are warm or cool undertones.  Try to stay within the same area of the tones for a more seamless look in your space.


Plan to balance the wood tones + colors throughout the space. If your floors are a light colors/shade and your furniture pieces are a darker more saturated tone you want to balance the furniture through out the space/floor. 


The experience of contrast creates a more interesting + intriguing space. Create contrast with your wood pieces so that they compliment each other by being on opposite sides on the contrast spectrum. 4. FINISH

You want to pay attention to the grain + finish of your wood pieces as well as identify if your wood has an eggshell, matte or glossy finish.

5. RUG

Rugs help to soften your space as well as your wood pieces. Depending on the color + hues in your rug it can help to unify the wood tones within your space.

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