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Dining Room Revamp

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Today we’re giving you a glimpse into one our very favorite transformations! This incredible dining room revamp features unexpected surprises and design elements from around the globe.

After building and designing their stunning family home in Switzerland, international couple Sarah* and Ben* set off on a new adventure and relocated to Livingston, New Jersey. With fresh career paths and a new school for their son, it was more important than ever to build a warm and customized home-base to serve as their own personal oasis. So with a brand new nest to make their own, Sarah and Ben enlisted our help to transform their dining room into an elegant yet inviting space where connection and comfort take center stage.

With roots in bright and bustling Hong Kong, Sarah’s cosmopolitan aesthetic is a fusion of the natural elements and clean lines of Asian design along with the old-world European style she encountered at boarding school in London. Meanwhile, Ben gravitates to the simplicity and minimalism typical of Swiss design. Despite his childhood in the charming countryside of Holland, Ben leans away from trendy farmhouse chic, instead preferring a sophisticated and modern vibe.

To create a balanced and cohesive space that fuses Sarah’s vision with Ben’s, we combined classic European elements and a modern cosmopolitan vibe with natural textures, airy tones and interesting details. The result is a cozy but sophisticated space that shifts seamlessly between a casual, comfortable family meal and an elegant, urbane dinner party.

Tapping into the natural element of Asian design, we chose a color palette of earthy greens, airy neutrals and natural browns. The room’s gorgeous wainscoting leans heavily into a classic European vibe and we made the most of it with Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn (SW7674) , a deep and earthy shade of green-gray that anchors and grounds the room. On the walls, a creamy neutral tone in a velvety matte finish - like Sherwin-Williams Shell White (SW8917) - expands the space and creates an airy feel. Where traditional design generally calls for white (or light) wainscoting, this inverse use of color is an unexpected choice that draws the eye and creates a sophisticated sense of drama.

While Sarah and Ben opted for a complete overhaul of their space, there was one key element they felt compelled to keep – the IKEA dining table that traveled with them overseas from Switzerland. Yes, it’s the centerpiece of the dining room, but this table is also the foundational mainstay of their family. The site of a million memories, the table is where the family gathers to laugh, reconnect and bond after a long day. And in a major move to a foreign country, incorporating this sentimental and meaningful piece of family history is not only a way to honor their past, but serves as a beacon of comfort in a new and unfamiliar place. Proof that an inexpensive piece can meld seamlessly into upscale design, the clean lines and natural fibers of this IKEA table easily compliment the room’s luxe cosmopolitan aesthetic.

When it comes to artful interior design, the magic is all in the details! With carefully curated décor, furniture and artwork, we tied together a cohesive modern look that plays with the elements of nature and boasts the grandiosity of traditional European design. For a focal point that oozes glitz and glamour, we opted for a striking gold chandelier. Clear bulbs offset the fixture’s considerable size for an effect that’s both dramatic and elegantly understated. To add softness and movement, we chose neutral-colored curtains - paired with contrasting matte black hardware – to highlight the stunning picture window and invite the outside in. Cane-inspired header chairs and a woven area rug further incorporate natural tones and textures for a well-rounded and cohesive look.

In a dining space, seating is of the utmost importance – your chairs should be comfortable, functional and beautiful! These sleek Jack Metal dining chairs from West Elm offer a highly durable microfiber fabric that stands up to daily use and abuse (by kids and adults alike!). In a distressed velvet spruce green that plays into the natural vibe, these sumptuous chairs feature an antique brass element that adds a hint of unexpected glamour. With soft upholstery and lots of body, these chairs provide all the comfort of a bulkier chair without the heavy feel. Thanks to a slim profile and elegant thin legs, you’re left with a space that feels equal parts cozy and airy.

After a long and chaotic day, returning home should feel like returning to yourself – to the one place where you’re free to be the truest, most authentic version of who you are. So when the design of your home accurately reflects your style, your taste and sensibility, home becomes not just a place, but an experience. The design of your home can affect everything from your emotional state to your energy levels to the way you connect with the people you love. From textures to colorways, your spaces inform your habits, your actions and your experience of your own life.

So, what kind of experience would you like in your home? What experience would you like your family to have when they’re crowded around the dinner table? Or your guests to have when invited into your living room? There’s no right or wrong answer – your home design is about you, your personality and the vibe that speaks to you. If you’re ready to see the big picture, contact us about our Conceptual Design Package, where we create a full concept for your space and help you realize the home experience you deserve.

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