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Ensure your bedding is not only comfortable to the touch but also looks inviting + comfortable to the eye. Solid colored duvet covers + shams work well with accent pillows and throws to interchange the room's personality + character.


Nature is relaxing and compliments your décor while assisting in creating a calming ambiance. Eucalyptus, peonies + hydrangeas can accentuate your bedroom's vibe while granting your space a lovely aroma.

Reading Lamps

Lighting fixtures are to a room what earrings are to a woman’s outfit. Ensure your accent lamps provide enough light to create a moody ambiance and illuminate a good read. When selecting a light fixture, ensure the scale of your accent lamp or fixture is to the scale to your nightstands, headboard + ceilings.


Scents connect to emotion, memories + overall psyche. Scents like Cedar, Jasmine, Lavender + Sandal Wood will help to create a resort-like feel before bedtime.  

Water Carafe

Staying hydrated before bed is important, but drinking 8 ozs of water in the morning will help to invigorate your body and awaken your mind in the morning. This is the one I have from West Elm.

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