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Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy challenged 12 designers to bring 12 of the biggest trends to life — all in 120 square feet. The event encouraged designers, participating or not, to open their creative eye. It was held in SOHO NYC which gives some of the historic/old world feels in the city.

Seeing so many variations of small spaces being maximized with its full style, aesthetic + space planning potential was such a substantial experience. I took so many notes and was able to share some of my favorite pieces with the creative team for upcoming projects + clients. Here we will dive into their creations, style and their lives!

Sitting in this space was an experience in itself. There was so much to take in and connect with. Miles Willis Mcdermott {the designer} gave contrast as well as a cohesive mix of many genres. It gave hip-hop, disco + rock and roll vibes in one area while omitting the colors which live between black and white.

Carmeon Hamilton created a lovely earthy, colorful space. It gave me safari meets metropolitan vibes. I loved how the Makeva swivel chairs {from article} is giving a neutral feel with color. {Round pieces in a room really help to soften edges and the experience of a space.} The floating dynamic of organic color and texture within the light fixtures is amplified by the soft tapestry vibes of the wall hanging. Organic pieces from above can lighten up a space especially a space with strong or dark walls.

The blush walls and light mustard/yellow color sofa are giving me sweet, soft & interesting vibes. Other than the bookcase above our favorite pieces all have movement/round edges. My creative team loves to add round pieces to spaces, it adds interest and softens them up. The round edged table adds an element of surprise + play to an already significant + weighty piece. The clever use of the open cabinet works as a divider for this multi-functional room. Dividers like these are great for play rooms, nurseries, living/dining room areas and of course libraries. The artwork clean yet shows interest + life in the area. And you can check out the chair here.

This deco meets retro vibe by Jessica Davis featured the round swivel chairs we saw in Carmeon Hamiltons space. The swivel chairs are this lovely rich green/blue color that really presented itself as the attention getter of the room in an almost effortless way.

The tubular - L-shaped handles were a dope way to create and bring character and shape. This creates an interest to clean, minimal and modern cabinets giving you creative liberties.

Hardware and light fixtures are like accessories to a dress, layering the ensemble with functional personality.

All of the rattan in this California Cool space was EVERYTHING!!! Light, airy warm wood tones in the dresser and amour gave me outdoorsy feels. This Rattan come back over the last 5 years has been overdone in some cases but very suitable & necessary in this space. The softness of the round lamp shade gave a delightful vibe to the space. Let's not forget the organic shape to the abstract wall decor, it's a nice visual transition from the bench leading to the oxblood headboard and nicely connects to the round organic light fixture.

This space reminded me of the set of "FRIENDS", almost as if this would be the type of space they could have grown into if the show was on for another 5-10 years. The layering of soft colors paired with soft movement and gold tones called me to walk in and further experience the happenings. The gold mirror and velvet /distressed oak chair and the reading lamp created a nice reading nook moment.

The space has pieces which are delicate but substantial. The bench can also be paired really well in a breakfast nook with a round table to allow clearance for the arms setting. The sconces have lovely round elements which can be hung in a myriad of directions. I thought the structural accessories lends some drama and gives a dynamic yet effortless + low fuss vibe.

The platform based sofa was definitely one of the focal points of the room. It almost felt like once you noticed it's existence it then asked you to deconstruct it's current style and future styling possibilities. It's an invitation to the story telling process of a space or area.

The fun and chic duet of hide plus wood in the ottoman pairing created a coffee table and foot stool fusion; very important when styling smaller spaces. Multi-use pieces can take the experience a long way. The white sculpture on the corner of the desk would be a great option to set the tone in this living room area.

Disco, meets hip-hop meets rock & roll on contrast to the 10th power was the energy I received from this space by Miles Willis McDermott. My apartment therapy experiences ended with me sitting on the sofa in this space feeling as if I was in a modern time capsule, as if the space is of today yet the past at the same time. It felt as if this could be some artist/celebrity's loft space in lower Manhattan{in the 70's of course} were the who's who of entertainment would continue to party after a wild night at studio 54. The sofa in itself is such a great architectural visual & physical experience. It's textured with a boucle type of fabric and pretty firm, def the perfect party sofa, great for entertaining and, snacking drinking and chatting.

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