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9 Sleek Round Coffee Tables

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Thinking of buying a new coffee table for your living room? Circular coffee tables are the way to go. Circular (or round) coffee table are great because they add curvature to your room - in contrast with 90-degree angles that often fill the space, such as a living room, patio, or common area. They soften up the place and add movement. Here are 9 great circular coffee tables you should consider for your space.

Natural Wood Coffee Tables

These three natural wood coffee tables are great for a larger space. You'll feel like there is a tree trunk in your space. Use a metal tray on top for a metallic element.

The Dillon Spalted Primavera Round Wood Coffee table is solid. The warm wood is textured with elements of black and white, offering a cooling tone to the space. Use with soft, warm browns and cooling grays on couches, accent pillows, and artwork.

The Proctor Low Round Wood Coffee Table is crafted with a thick and solid acacia wood and sits low to the ground. Use with whites, browns, and greens in the space. Add a plant or two to complete the look.

The Dillon Natural Yukas Round Wood Coffee Table is crafted from natural yukas wood and bears unique markings like knotty grains and deep cracks. This coffee table looks most like a tree trunk, with wood grain that draws the eye up.

Coffee Tables with Legs

These next three coffee tables have the same wood dynamic as the previous three, but have more noticeable legs, so they have an airier vibe. They are not a solid block of wood but do have a natural dynamic. Use them for a geometric round wood aesthetic and as a great conversation piece.

The Tom Natural Three-Legged Coffee Table comes in a natural wood color as well as charcoal. Use the natural color for a lighter touch to the space. With three oversized legs that draw the eyes up, this circular wood coffee table brings in playful geometry and a natural energy.

The Vernet Oval Travertine Coffee Table is made of a form of limestone that emulates marble patterns, travertine. The oval shape brings in a unique geometric shape while the color evokes warm earth tones. The legs are formed into semicircles, turning the table into a beautiful focal point and conversation piece.

The Santoro White Quartz Coffee Table mixes a solid white quartz round top with three acacia wood legs. Bringing in a hint of nature with the wood, the quartz round feels luxurious and classic. The unique cut of the quartz makes each coffee table unique to your space.

Metal Coffee Tables

If wood doesn’t fit into your aesthetic, use round, black metal instead. The metal brings in a strength that anchors the room. These tables feel industrial. Round metal can also be used to contrast from wood if you have a lot already.

The Spoke Marble Graphite Metal Coffee Table is made of hand-welded iron spokes circulating the base and a marble top. Use for a mixed material look with metal or wood pieces. The iron bars are thin and delicate, leaving an airier element to the room.

The Drum Storage Coffee Table functions exactly like its name. With a top of grained wood and a metal bottom, use this coffee table as a statement piece as well as storage. The top has a finger cutout that allows you to remove the top and store things in the drum base.

The Pillar Coffee Table mimics a Grecian pillar with an iron base and glass top. The see-through nature of the coffee table will lend itself to a modern or industrial aesthetic. Choose between bronze, brass, white, petrol, and green gold for the color of the base.

Get a new circular coffee table to enhance your style as well as the functionality of the room. Just this one adjustment could bring a whole new depth and dimension to the space you are updating. You can’t go wrong with any of these great choices.

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