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9 Accent Chairs

Due to their clean lines and European finesse, West Elm and CB2 remain some of my go-to furniture sources. Whether or not a space is carrying a consistent theme of modern or mid century, I love scouring their inventory for interesting pieces to help define a room. The accent chair is never to be undervalued. I’m going to show you the best way to style these 9 accent chairs from our product library.

Contrasting Chairs

These first three accent chairs have a stark contrast between the fabric and the chair base. Add a light sofa to brighten the room or a dark sofa for some drama and distinction.

1. Wood & Metal Framed Chair

I used 2 of these chairs in a living room of a NJ project. We paired it with a deep gray L shaped sofa {which my client purchased while living in Switzerland} The Wood & Metal Framed Chair has a raw wood base made of distressed parawood with linen seating. The minimalist design lends to a relaxing and loungey feel. This chair would also be great on a patio in the summertime. This chair is one of my favorites because I’m from the Carribbean and I love tropical feels. Looking at this chair reminds me of being in the lounge area of a home in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Bartts, or the Dominican Republic.

2. Morada Woven Ivory Leather Chair

The Morada Woven Ivory Leather Chair has a polished, finished acacia wood base with a woven leather seat in ivory. It’s armless, which allows a more open feel to the chair. The woven textures remind me of cane - of being in Tahiti or Bali. I’d use this in a space to add a sophisticated yet, effort-less tropical feel.

3. Cue White Chair

The Cue White Chair has a matte black metal base with a bright white woven fabric seat. With a deep seat and wide back, this chair is endlessly comfortable while still being sophisticated. It has the best of both of the above chairs with the metropolitan energy resembling New York, London, or Geneva.

Leather Chairs

These next three leather accent chairs have classic style and sleek silhouettes. I like to use this to continue with natural vibes or when I’m looking to balance the space with some masculine or mature energy.

4. Slope Lounge Chair

The Slope Leather Lounge Chair has an armless fabric or leather seat with a steel frame. This is a best seller from West Elm. My clients love the curved seat that’s also wide enough for children to sit and play or for dad to lay back and enjoy a movie. When I’m looking to introduce color to a space, a leather neutral like this is a great way to start. It’s easy to continue to layer colors of any hue with neutrals.

5. Shaw Lounge Chair

The contrast of the seat and chair frame is what I call “subtle fun.” The Shaw Lounge Chair gives off both soft and strong vibes and would blend well or be a great distinction with a natural mango wood dining table or balance a sleek + smooth ivory marble dining table. The frame is made of either a walnut or ash and the leather padding on the back is comfortable without making the chair bulky. This is a staple in our product library due to the different color options. The black ash offers a cooling contrast while the walnut is warm.

6. Nomad Leather Safari Chair

The Nomad Leather Safari Chair reminds me of a directors chair but with a definite lounge vibe. Made of dry leather, the only padding is in the seat while the back allows for give when you lean back in it. When I’m looking to add natural, monochromatic accents, the combination of this leather and acacia wood really lends to an effortless moment.

Cozy Chairs

While all 9 chairs provide comfort, the perception of these last three chairs is opulence and luxury. Although they are wide pieces, vertical lines draw the eye up. Even though these chairs have stature, tailored legs allow for the eyes to continue underneath the chair.

7. Silver Orchid Burbridge Velvet and Leather Channel Accent Chair

When I want to curl up with a good book, the Silver Orchid Burbridge Velvet and Leather Channel Accent Chair is where I want to sit. The large channels draw the eyes up the chair, slendering the thick barrel style. This chair has style and class.

8. Madison Park Sidney Cream Fabric / Birchwood Accent Chair

The Madison Park Sidney Cream Fabric / Birchwood Accent Chair is taller than the previous chair but is still wide enough to curl up in. The exterior pleats elongate the chair even more. I love that the thin birchwood legs make the chair feel roomier and lighter.

9. Roar & Rabbit™ Pleated Swivel Chair

I’ve noticed that swivel chairs are always a hit, no matter what age you are. People love being able to feel movement + mobile while sitting. That’s what makes this Roar & Rabbit™ Pleated Swivel Chair so fun and inviting. The padded seating makes this chair extra cozy while the pleats will add polish and poise to a home office or living room.

Adding an accent chair to a room is a perfect way to bring it to life. The extra seating is functional and the style you choose can add an extra pop to the design. These 9 choices are the very best of what is out there right now.

If you are designing a room and want some help choosing accent chairs, book a 30 minute complementary call with me here.

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