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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I think 2020 helped us all realize how much time we spend in our kitchen and will CONTINUE to spend in our kitchen. It’s the place you cook, yes, but it’s also a place you gather. Whether you’re with family or friends, your kitchen should be a comfortable and trendy space. There are some great 2021 renovation trends that can help you achieve just that.


Coming back in trend for 2021 is wood finishes. Use wood finishes on your cabinets, drawers, tables and chairs. Get wood finishes where you can see the grain for a vertical linear aesthetic. Wood finishes draw the eyes up or horizontally for a sleek and streamlined vibe.


Becoming more and more popular for kitchens and appliances are handleless doors and cabinets. No knobs or other decorations, just a smooth surface for a sleek look. Handleless cabinets streamline your kitchen and look clean. To get the look use cabinets with recessed handles or a push to open door. A j-pull system is also an option. J-pull systems need a more frequent cleaning in the recessed area between the cabinets, however.


Hidden appliances are on trend for a streamlined vibe in your kitchen. By hiding appliances your kitchen will be more design based. Use more cabinets and finishes instead of appliances as they don’t add to the design of the kitchen. Appliances are to be used but not seen, so they can be placed behind cabinets or in drawers.

Whether you learned to cook new meals while you stayed at home last year or you’re itching for your next gathering of friends, these kitchen renovation trends are sure to make your space new and inviting. Looking for more renovation trends for your kitchen? Part 2 is coming soon.

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