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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A new year means new beginnings. After a year like 2020, we could all use a fresh start. By now you’ve probably noticed everything you would like to change about your home – you’ve been stuck there for the better part of a year! The new design trends of 2021 will give you all of the inspiration you need, whether that means renovations, redecorating, or adding a fresh coat of paint.


PANTONE has announced their colors of the year. They are Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and Illuminating (13-0674). Two colors that are at once in stark contrast with each other while also feeling complementary. Ultimate Gray is muted, dependable, comfortable, somewhat boring. But when matched with the vibrant lemon peel yellow, suggests a sense of hope after a long wait.

Use these colors in your home through accents – on pillows and throws, artwork, plants. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating combine well with earthy and calming palettes and bold colors through layering or patterns.

When choosing how to decorate your home, consider adding some global influences. While we can’t travel right now, think of the places you’d like to go and purchase art and furniture that reflect those places. If you have collected pieces from past travels, showcase those pieces throughout your home.


Low maintenance plants are a great décor element. These indoor plants will add to your vibe even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Pothos plants (aka devil’s ivy) are super easy plants to keep inside as they can live in areas without a lot of sunlight and don’t mind if they are under or over-watered. Lay out the cascading vines to use as a garland or let them fall for a sense of movement.

Jade plants can survive more than a month without being watered as they hold water in their leaves. When you do water them, however, they will grow. Put them by a sunny window for a structural dynamic. The thick leaves absorb light nicely, as they are substantial, even tear drop leaves. Jade plants are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

For succulent lovers, aloe is a great low maintenance plant for your bedside table or desk. They have a desert feel and are structural with upward growing leaves. Also consider the snake plant, with stiff leaves that draw the eye up. These tend to start out taller and wider than aloe as well.

Spider plants are fast growing. They produce little “babies” that you can repot and use throughout your home. Their leaves cascade out whimsically and add a lovely shade of green to any room.

Finally, air plants are great for even the blackest of thumbs. They don’t require soil, only to soak in water for 2-3 hours every 10 days. They give off a desert vibe like aloe while also cascading out like the spider plant.


Get some comfortable linens for your bed, be it cotton, flannel, linen, whatever is most comfortable to you. Add some reading light with a soft lamp. Find a comfy rug that’s soft on your feet that also adds some color and texture to the room. A statement headboard will then finish the look.

To really get the hotel vibe, minimalist design is key. Don’t overcrowd the space with a bunch of furniture or random knickknacks. This will help make the space sleek and inviting.


When you decide to update your bathroom, make sure to add in double sinks with a touchless or one-touch faucet. Separate rooms for the toilet are also very on trend. If you want to add or update a tub, get a claw foot tub with a sleek finish. Or if you’d rather have a standalone shower, add in a textured shower floor. The textured floor massages your feet and helps you feel connected to the earth.

Multipurpose Spaces

Everyone is home right now, so you need spaces that can be multifunctional. Spaces that can be a home office or guest room. Kid’s room or game room. To accomplish this, use multi-use furniture. Murphy beds, a closet office, and recreational areas are great options.

Designate an area for kid toys and games but also add in a TV or speakers, along with a comfy couch and games the whole family can enjoy. Homes have become our safe spaces now more than ever, so it’s important to create spaces in which to enjoy them.

It doesn’t take much to really update or change the vibe of your home. Whether you’re ready to take on renovations or are just looking to update your décor, these trends will really help.

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